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Good design is noticeable, and so is poor design. Great design is impactful. We believe our team has the expertise and ability to impact each project which we are awarded. We have a passion for creating architecture that not only fulfills our client’s dreams and goals, but also creates meaningful spaces that will endure the test of time. 

We offer a number of Architecture services including:

  • Programming

  • Site Development

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Permits, Bidding & Negotiation

  • Construction Administration



Architecture is the fusion of creativity, art, and science resulting in building forms and interior spaces for the function and enjoyment of the people that use them.  

We work with our clients to identify architectural needs, and then seek to discover design solutions that best provide for these needs. Our role as the team leader requires that we manage a large group of people with a variety of interests and goals. We are problem-solvers. It is our job to understand the diverse aspects of a project and create a solution that is beneficial for all parties involved. Our solution is always a fusion of design and function but also budget and schedule. As architects and designers, this is what we do, and our clients will tell you that we do it very well.

Programming takes our understanding of a project’s needs and quantifies these elements into simple and easy to understand data which is used to create initial space planning and adjacency diagrams. 

The diagrams and spatial comparisons enable our clients to visually determine if the solutions are working to meet the needs, or immediately react with changes to improve the solution. The interactive planning process give the project stakeholders a hands-on approach to design that cannot be duplicated. The results of this phase set the groundwork for the initial floor plans and create an opportunity to test the design against the assessed needs and goals.

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Conceptual Design uses information gathered during the programming process to transform charts and spreadsheets into bubble diagrams, building massing, and exciting 3D models. The design solutions created reveal the overall design intent and cast a vision for the project moving forward. Our philosophy toward design is a fusion of vision, discovery, design, art, proportion, scale, symbolism, building science, engineering, mechanics, completion, achievement, and fulfillment. Design must have cannot be random.

The course of Building Design evolves over several traditional phases including Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. 

These three traditional architectural design phases allow the project to progress through the course of design with additional detail and information to clearly articulate the intent in an organized system of drawings and specifications. Our goal is to always allow our clients to review and approve the design as it moves from the completion of one design phase to the initiation of the next design phase. These review and approval steps are necessary to ensure that the information shown on the drawings meet the expectations of our client.




We help establish the bidding requirements to be in alignment with the specific needs of each client. In parallel to the bidding work, we also work alongside the local jurisdiction to obtain the required building permits to start the construction process. Our goal is to secure final bids and building permits simultaneously to save time within the overall project schedule.

The Architectural and Engineering team takes on the role as Administrator of the Construction Contract working daily with the project’s contractor to solve challenges, coordinate submittals, and manage overall project accounting. We work closely with the construction professional and our client to systematically progress through the many months of the construction cycle.

Daily correspondence with workers in the field as well as weekly and monthly meetings and reports ensures that when construction is complete, our clients have a building that is built in the same way it was designed…with attention to every detail.




We are experienced architects and experts in our field when it comes to asking the right questions and listening to the answers. We are eager to listen to you regarding your next project. Contact us.

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